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First time and seasoned business owners can all benefit from shifting to a STEWARDSHIP mindset! 

God Owns All

God is the rightful owner of everything, including your business.

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Chief Steward Officer

You are called to be a steward of the blessings from God, not an owner.

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Discover your purpose and let God have an impact through you.

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Has God called you to be a different kind of entrepreneur? Do you desire to work with him to change not only your life, but also your community...even the world? 
God called me to help YOU! I've assembled this collection of powerful on-demand video lessons, document libraries, personal testimonies, and a community of like-minded CSO's to help bring your business into alignment with Kingdom resources. The Flow Business Model is built on the truth of God's principles and has transformed lives for thousands of years. It will transform your life too.

Mike Spence, CSO

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