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What is the Kingdom

What is the Kingdom? [A Chief Steward Officer Perspective]


We believe that the primary goal of the Chief Steward Officer is to advance the kingdom of God. But what exactly is the kingdom of God, and how will we know if we are achieving our purpose? For this, we can turn to scripture for guidance.


And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

--Luke 17:20-21


That seems pretty definitive. Although many scholars in Jesus’ day were certain that Christ would establish a territorial Kingdom on Earth, Jesus teaches that is not at all his plan. Likewise, the Kingdom is not some faraway place that we will only see once we die. Contrary to both beliefs, we live and walk in the Kingdom today...RIGHT NOW!


If the Kingdom is within us, then WE, that is to say—PEOPLE-- make up the Kingdom of God. People are the currency and the profit that God seeks to gain. It is not important to God how much money we create or how much profit and loss we generate. What matters to God is the number of souls that are converted to Christ.


The First Priority


The Kingdom was of utmost importance to Jesus. He spoke about it more than anything, even more than the church. He told us that food and clothing should be of secondary concern to our daily lives because He’s already established the baseline of our needs. Jesus didn’t want us to waste one second of our lives worrying about issues other than advancing the kingdom.


But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. – Matthew 6:33


In fact, Jesus never said “seek first” about any pursuit or purpose except the Kingdom of God. If we seek, we find. God is intentional, and He is flanking us with Kingdom sightings all the time. They happen all around us, but often we just don’t see them because we aren’t seeking them.


Virtually every parable Jesus told was a Kingdom parable, His stories were Kingdom stories, and His prayers were Kingdom prayers. From beginning to end, Jesus incessantly talked about the Kingdom.


Having a healthy balance sheet


Just as a worldly business owner would dedicate budgetary expenses to items such as marketing or sales in an attempt to gain a return on those dollars, God expects to gain a return on the resources that he provides. Only, he is looking to generate more souls for his kingdom with the resources he provides.


This is the true mission of a chief steward officer: to use heavenly resources to convert and gain additional souls for the kingdom of God.


When we realize that our goal is to turn a profit of souls for the kingdom of God, then we realize that this affects every area of our business.


  • How do we treat our employees?

Do we treat them as Christ would treat them?

  • How do we treat our vendors?

Are we paying them on time?

Do we treat them with respect?

Do we acknowledge that they are people that have stresses and issues exactly like the rest of us?

  • How do we treat our customers?

Do we always treat them with honesty and integrity... even when it's difficult to do so?

Is our marketing straightforward and honest? Do we clearly define what we will provide without stretching the truth with deceits or clever marketing twists?


Imagine how your actions reflect upon the kingdom of God. As a chief steward officer, you are an ambassador straight from heaven. Many times, you will be the only example of heaven and Christ that anybody will ever see. This is a great responsibility. Realize, you are likely the only hope for a lost soul! This responsibility is a heavy load to bear for any person.


Luckily, you're not just any person. No indeed! You have the king of all kings living inside of you! You can overcome all things because of Christ which lives within you! Jesus didn’t' decide to live within you because he loves the view. He expects to work with you to rescue lost souls and he's giving you all power to accomplish that goal.


From mission and vision to great commission!


How much differently would you operate on a day-to-day basis if you truly were focusing on the lost souls walking all around you? They are constantly passing in and out of your business. There's a great harvest on the horizon and you are in a position to make tremendous impacts.


With this in mind, picture your business as the last great hope to advance the kingdom of God. You are working in conjunction with God's great church to save lost souls; to change communities; to change lives forever. You have everything in your capacity to accomplish that goal.


If you understand the great responsibility you've signed up for, the necessity to run this business as effectively and efficiently as possible will become even clearer. If you have broken or inefficient processes, you'll never reach the heights of influence that are attainable.


What does a chaotic business reflect to a lost and dying world? It reflects that you are out of control and that you have no direction or true guiding principles. It suggests that your private life is just as chaotic as your business life. This is 100% the opposite of what you want to reflect as a chief steward officer.


There is no time to waste going forward


It's one thing to want to make your workday easier and more stress-free, or to want to generate as much profit as possible, but you have a higher calling. You need to streamline your business because you are called to gain more souls for the kingdom of Christ.


If you have broken or inefficient processes, you need to address them immediately. Every department of your business must run effectively. Your accounting, your HR, your sales and marketing, your technology... all these need to reflect the king that you're working for. The king may show grace but note that he expects you to operate to your full potential. This is not your business. This is His business, and you have a calling to change the world by advancing the Kingdom of God through your stewardship.