What is a Kingdom Business?

God is looking for leaders who will trust Him and allow His agenda to work through their business to have a Kingdom impact.

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Being a good steward is foundational when creating a Kingdom business.  The Bible has plenty to say about stewardship, why it's important and the benefits.

In this lesson you will learn more about stewardship and the "Open Hand Principle"


The Chief Steward Officer - Business Leadership with a Kingdom Mindset

Our purpose:
To recruit and develop the hearts and minds of Entrepreneurs using God's unfailing Word (The Holy Bible) and the Kingdom Principles contained within.  We refer to these individuals as Chief Steward Officers and believe they have been called by God to become stewards of a business entity to achieve Kingdom Purposes and have lasting Kingdom Impacts.


We exist to provide education, resources, encouragement, and mentorship to the CSO (Chief Steward Officer) community in a way that gives God ALL the glory.

God desires a close personal relationship with you.  He has plans to prosper you and not to harm you.  He wants to fulfill His kingdom agenda through you so that He can advance His kingdom and bless you in the process.

God is looking for those who will humble themselves, seek him and align their hearts and minds with his purpose.


We live in a world of almost limitless information on every subject.  There is no shortage of data or opinions about anything you want to learn. 

As wise as the world believes it is, the Bible says...
"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD.
Isaiah 55:8

You were created on purpose, for a purpose and with a purpose!  We are all unique by design, as are our skills, abilities and passions. 

We spend a good percentage of our lives working.  We start working in our early teens and look forward someday to retiring in our mid 60's.  The people we work for who either own or manage the business become influential (good or bad) in our lives.  The people we work alongside become like family (good or bad) and can impact us in many ways.

God loves work… he created it! 

The "lucky ones" are those who achieve the "American Dream" of a long career, home ownership in the suburbs, more than one vehicle and married with 2.5 children.  They live out their lives until one day they can retire, receive the gold watch or pension, then play golf, go fishing or (insert hobby here) until they pass away from this world.

A Chief Steward Officer is a business leader who consistently seeks God and is actively obedient to advance the kingdom agenda.  God desires deep meaningful relationships with His people so that He can bless them, instruct them and flow through them to accomplish His purposes and receive the glory.

If you want to make an impact in the world start a business!

  • You spend more time at work in this lifetime than almost anything else.
  • You have more influence as the "boss" or "owner" than almost any other position you can hold.
  • If you align your heart and mind with God and allow the Kingdom to "flow" through you it will have a huge impact.
    • We have all had good and terrible bosses.
      • How did they affect you?  Mentally? Physically? Emotionally?
    • How did your work influence your path?  Your purpose?
    • What limitations did your work put on you?
  • God has all the resources!  He wants you to align with Him for his purposes so that He can bless you and get the glory while advancing His kingdom!

This is NOT easy. 
This is hard work... but worth it.

You must have an image in your mind of the outcomes you want to achieve!  Manage your efforts to achieve the outcomes.




This age we live in has the ability to use the Internet to create a "false image" of the outcomes we are trying to achieve.  We can Google to see a picture of  what success looks like which is ALWAYS a cheap representation of the image that GOD gives us in our MIND.  

We see the cheap image of the outcome… then look for the fastest way to get there.  We want to go from where we are to the outcome in ONE step!   That’s why it doesn’t last!  When we shortcut Gods process it always feels less fulfilling as we thought it would be.  Because it didn’t COST us anything!


You have to have Goals (outcomes) to shoot for… but the REWARD IS THE JOURNEY not the DESTINATION!


Anything worth anything in life takes time.  It takes hard work, discipline, sacrifice, obedience and perseverance.  ENJOY the journey! 

You will tell more stories about the things you accomplished along the way rather than the trophy you hold over your head.

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