Hello, I'm Mike Spence.


I've always loved business!  Even at a young age I was the one selling candy at school or working a paper route. 

As I grew older and closer to the Lord, my love for business and business owners only got bigger!  I love seeing people trust God and watching them flourish with opportunities!

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My Story

I've started, managed, and led businesses of all shapes and sizes over my career. I’ve had some successes; I’ve had some failures. I’ve done some things “my way” and I’ve done some things with God's help. I’ll let you guess which method turned out the best.

Then one day I felt God calling me to leave my comfortable leadership position at a technology firm to help small business owners start, grow and sustain businesses with HIM as the owner. Stewardship is not a casual approach, but rather a focused discipline that keeps Him firmly in control. 

This website, information, and product base is simply my attempt to be obedient to my Father’s calling. 


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